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News & Promotions

  • All Robbie Brown polo shirts are reduced to the crazy price of $39.00!
    Posted: Thursday 24 September 2020
  • Pleased to say, after all the problems with suppliers being able to source material, etc, we now have new stock of Knockabout gloves.
    Posted: Friday 28 August 2020
  • Incontro All-in-One Sleeve and Hand Protectors
    So far this is the most comfortable sleeve and glove combination I have found and the palm of the hand that doesn't wear a glove is not showing any sign of wear.
    Posted: Wednesday 23 October 2019
  • New Nancy Lopez stock will be arriving next month. We tried her XL 1+ and it sold out immediately so this season we have added XL 2+.
    Posted: Thursday 7 September 2017
    Frequently asked for but seldom found. Well Robbie Brown for Women make skirts and skorts. We are trying a size range of their skirt to check out the fit. Looks pretty good. Their new range will be available from approximately May of this year.
    The other good thing about Robbie Brown is that they do sizes 8 to 24.
    Posted: Tuesday 3 January 2017
  • Two new colours this season - Charcoal and Mocha.
    Posted: Monday 27 October 2014